Cognosante's Success: Navigating the GSA Schedule and Winning $2.9M in Revenue with the Help of Blackfyre’s Expertise

In 2019, Cognosante, a well-established business with extensive experience in working with the federal government with over $100 Million in sales to date, reached out to GSA Schedule consulting expert Pedro Rubio for assistance. Another GSA consultant had told Cognosante that they did not qualify for the GSA Contact Center Special Item Number (SIN), and was confused about the newly released SIN 561422 for Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS) and the qualifications for companies to apply.

Mr. Rubio, with his extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the GSA Schedule process, assured Cognosante that they did indeed qualify for the SIN and that he could help them win it. He explained that by carefully reading the solicitation and positioning Cognosante correctly, they could win the SIN by writing a solid past performance, labor category description that matched the SIN, and competitive pricing.

Cognosante followed Mr. Rubio's guidance and was ultimately awarded the SIN 561422 for Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS) with 30 labor categories.

The successful acquisition of the SIN 561422 has been a valuable asset for Cognosante. The company has been awarded a total of $2.9M worth of contracts under the SIN for Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS).

In conclusion, Cognosante's success in obtaining and utilizing the GSA Contact Center SIN 561422 through the expert guidance of Pedro Rubio is a testament to the power of a well-informed and experienced GSA Schedule consultant. Additionally, Cognosante's ability to navigate the confusing information and successfully position itself to win the SIN has led to multiple successful contract awards and a total of $2.9M in revenue.