GSA Schedule Consulting for International Companies: How Ideagen Entered the U.S. Government Market

In 2020, Ideagen, a global technology company quoted on the London Stock Exchange AIM market, was referred to Pedro Rubio, a GSA Schedule consulting expert, by a GSA personnel to help them resubmit their GSA application. Their application was in danger of being rejected, but with the help of Blackfyre Consulting, Ideagen was able to get it approved for their proprietary software to be listed on the GSA Schedule.

Ideagen found itself in a unique position when the Department of Justice requested its software to be on the GSA Schedule. This is a testament to the quality and value of the software Ideagen developed.

Since being awarded a GSA Schedule, Ideagen has obtained multiple government contracts. In addition, the GSA Schedule is a powerful tool for international companies seeking to enter the U.S. government market. Blackfyre Consulting can help large or small businesses make a global impact by obtaining a GSA Schedule.