From Tech Startup to GSA Schedule Winner: Eigennet's Journey with Blackfyre's Guidance

In February 2019, Eigennet, LLC, a tech startup with 18 months of experience and two small technology projects under its belt, reached out to GSA Schedule consulting expert Pedro Rubio for assistance obtaining a GSA Schedule. With Mr. Rubio's extensive knowledge and experience in helping tech startups with limited experience navigate the GSA Schedule process, Eigennet was successful in obtaining a GSA IT Schedule in April 2019, with Special Item Numbers (SIN) 54151S for Information Technology Professional Services with 47 labor categories and SIN 54151Heal for Health Information Technology Services with 15 labor categories.

This newfound GSA Schedule status opened up new opportunities for Eigennet. In June 2019, Eigennet hired Pedro Rubio to help write and submit proposals for Request for Quotations (RFQs) off their GSA Schedule for a period of three months. Through this effort, Eigennet was able to submit three proposals and ultimately win their first government contract with the Library of Congress. Despite having no previous government project experience, Eigennet's goal was to target RFQs with the technical capability to perform the work.

The success did not stop there. In September 2019, Eigennet was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) along with another vendor for the Library of Congress. A BPA is a contract vehicle that can only be created through a GSA Schedule and allows for the ability to target RFQs that are only posted within the BPA without competition from other vendors. With this BPA, Eigennet was only required to compete with the other vendor for RFQs under the BPA and was ultimately awarded the most significant task order for a value of $1.5M. This contract has since been extended and increased in value.

Eigennet's GSA Schedule has also been a valuable asset in winning other awards. In 2022, Eigennet won an award with the IRS for a service similar to the Library of Congress project, valued at $265k. To date, Eigennet has won a total of $2.7M from their GSA Schedule.

 In conclusion, Eigennet's success in obtaining and utilizing its GSA Schedule through the expert guidance of Pedro Rubio has proven to be a valuable asset in winning government contracts. In addition, their strategy of targeting RFQs where they had the technical capability to perform the work, along with the utilization of a Blanket Purchase Agreement, has led to multiple successful contract awards and a total of $2.7M in revenue.