GSA Eases Requirements for COVID-19 Related Supplies & Services

Explore how GSA has eased requirements for COVID-19 related supplies and services, with temporary waivers to simplify the qualification process for GSA MAS Contracts.

GSA Eases Requirements for COVID-19 Related Supplies & Services

In response to the urgent need for products and services against COVID-19, the GSA has implemented waivers to enable companies to qualify for a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract more easily. This initiative has been articulated in Acquisition Letter MV-21-03 and its supplement, with the objective of expanding the availability of COVID-19 related supplies and services within the GSA MAS Contract.

Key Points of the GSA MAS Contract Waivers:

Scope of Waiver:

The waiver has been designed specifically to target offerings that can directly assist the government’s response to COVID-19. It can be applied across all Large Categories, Subcategories, and Special Item Numbers (SINs) under the GSA MAS Contract. However, it must be emphasized that the product, service, or solution must have direct relevance to COVID-19 efforts.

Waived Requirements:

  • The requirement of two years of corporate experience has been relaxed.
  • Relevant project experience for each SIN proposed is no longer a necessity.
  • Financial statements of the previous two years is not needed.

Exclusions and Limitations:

  1. The waiver can’t be applied to non-COVID-19 related offerings.
  2. Proposals or modifications that encompass non-COVID related products or services will be dismissed.
  3. Although the waiver is temporary in nature, GSA MAS Contract awards made under this waiver will continue to be valid post the expiry of the waiver.

Implementation and Refresh 6:

GSA plans to issue "Refresh 6" of the GSA MAS Solicitation. This will formally induct language specific to this temporary waiver. It is to be noted that the responsibility of ensuring fair pricing and compliance with solicitation requirements will still be retained by Contracting Officers.

Applicability to VA Schedule Contracts:

It is relevant to mention that the waiver does not apply to any of the VA Schedule Contracts.

Additional COVID-19 Support Initiatives by GSA:

  • GSA has implemented a temporary exception to the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) specifically for certain products.
  • Contract cancellations due to low sales have been put on hold by GSA.

Further Information and Guidance:

The GSA has provided a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more details and clarifications.


The GSA's temporary waiver is a strategic action aimed at accelerating the availability of essential COVID-19 response supplies and services. Companies with products or services that can support COVID-19 efforts are advised to evaluate their eligibility and consider applying for a GSA MAS Contract under this waiver. For expert guidance, companies can reach out to experienced GSA Schedule consultants. We, led by a former GSA Schedule Reviewer, offer the best GSA Schedule Consulting services.

Pedro has extensive background as a Contracting Officer and Contract Specialist, has worked across seven federal agencies, managing contracts totaling over $1 billion in the professional and tech sectors. His notable tenure includes serving with the DoD/DARPA during the inception of their robotics program. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in initiating the Cyber Special Item Number (SIN) within the GSA's IT Schedule 70 as a Team Lead. After graduating from Harvard, he started Blackfyre to help you win your next contract.

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